divendres, 27 de novembre de 2009

Friends on the road Vol. 16

Keep pedaling!!! until the batteries are gone!!! come on little Chinese toy

China, watermelon, yes please!!!

Wan Brothers, Malaysia, thanks for your Hospitality

Tony and Lue, thanks for the lift in a raining day!!

Thailand its a great place

Sona, txec-republic, and Nanai from Malaysia. Nice time

Skand, from İndia, smart boy, thanks for your lessons

Satun Budist temple in Thailand, thanks for let me stay

Pak Sarko, soooo friendly. definitly a good person

dimarts, 17 de novembre de 2009

Friends on the road Vol.15

Ryohei, from Japan, very good friend, and very good person

Roberto, great person, and Simone, a friendly suis guy. Nepal and in

Robert, my french teacher in Tahiti

Raureva family, from Tahiti, thanks forthe time we share

Nuri, help on the road, ggo meal, thanks a lot

Nigel, from Nz, a fisherman in great barrier island
Mongolia good people

Mi and Nanai, in Kl, good cycling, with good friends

My dear East-german friends, Maik and Mario

Mary and Toshio, in coromandel, Nz, great time and very good memories

dijous, 22 d’octubre de 2009

Friends on the road Vol.14

Taff cyclist in Malaisia

If you are looking for a special person in Perth, this is Sue

La poma i la pera

Ankovat, with nice friends, Ryohei, Maik and Julia

Solo un madrilenyo podia cruzar el gobi, este es Jorge King!!!

Help in Beijing

China and his friendly people

Laos i els seus bons moments

Friends on the road Vol.13

Els maus nens i els bons moments per l'outback!!!

Ara amb familia i molt bona companyia.

En Carlos de Madrid, buenos dias en Bay of islands

Cambodia i la seva gent

El mestre Cabanas

Bulnai hot springs, warm family in cold weather

diumenge, 13 de setembre de 2009

Friends on the road Vol.12

bl golden, beijing, we drunk to much



Live in budist temple, allways a good experience

Ahmed, he leave me put my tend in his yard, after a long cyclist joutney, great person from Malaisia

couch surfing in Fremantle, hard job

French couple in a recombert bikes, so soft

dijous, 26 de febrer de 2009

Freinds on the road, Vol 11

Pak Sarko from bali, just thanks for all!!!

Hugo and Cristian fron santiago de chile, nice walks and good chatering!!!, good friends!!

Gladis, yummy sandwitches!!!

Flores Norbert teri from Morea, never before the comunication it was more easy

From swiserland, im not alone o the road, Malasisya

Julie and jason from Canada

Somtimes the help on the road don't have name, thanks for the cold water!!!!

dimecres, 11 de febrer de 2009

Friends on the road, Vol 10

My family in denpassar, Dedy, Putu and gede, thanks a lot's for all!!!

who is more stronger, pak pekak or me, bet now!!

Paul Dupone, i'm not alone cycling in Bali, yeah!!!

Ibo desi, the best coker ever seen before, yummy mi ghoren!!

Pak Kuyok i Ibo selasas, my family in Dawan, bali

Mt, Batur and this children after play football

Dewa Bungalows, with the Dewa the owner, Ubud, Bali